Golden Ruler
Golden Ruler

"The Great Architect seems to be a Mathematician" 

Nobel Laureate in Physics, Richard Feynman, quoting James Jeans

Phi in Numbers

Why Phi?      God's Ubiquitous Fingerprint!

As one of the five classic constants most favorable in the Mind of God on the other side of 'Planck's wall,' Phi stands out as unique evidence of His desire to communicate to us human beings His Authorship as Creator GOD.  From a plethora of abstract math equations, scientific experiments, artistic expressions, manifestations of nature, and even psychological phenomena, we of His special design are constantly encountering this simple irrational number and we wonder at its “mystery.”

Phi in Nature

GOD has said, “Ye shall seek Me, and find Me, when ye shall search for Me with all your heart.”  [Jer 29:13]  Will we, before His immanent return, also see Him by Phi within the Isaiah  40:12's 'hollow of His Hand' once further detailed data concering the 'dark waters' from whence He gleaned our universe is learned?

Disclaimer: No intent is given within these pages to elevate any symbol, number, or idea to a place of religious worship. Phi is not a sacred number anymore than the number 13. The fact that Ø, 5, 12, or 60 is connected with the breadth of God’s hand as cited in Scripture and corroborated by math and science doesn’t alter this conclusion anymore than capitalizing the word “Scripture means that Scripture should be worshiped.

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