Golden Ruler
Golden Ruler

“I was explicitly told not to say anything about God in this talk

— which I've just violated."

George Efstathiou — Astrophysicist of the Planck science team during March 2013 press release

Planck Probe Corroborates Scripture

Gen 1:1-5;  Isa 40:12;  Gal 4:4

 Fullness of Time Conjecture:

God’s Hand spans Øx1060  Plank times  (tP).  

Exactly 5 Hand spans after Big Bang, Jesus was born!


In the beginning GOD created our space-time universe.  Deep ‘dark waters’ existed back before the 'Planck wall' where Planck time tP was equal to 1, and time was less than (10)-43 seconds.  GOD's Spirit was brooding over His newly created space-time continuum.  GOD said, "I have measured the ‘waters’ in the hollow of My hand, and meted out space-time with the span. I have formed Ordinary Matter, and created Dark Matter and Dark Energy." Then 5Ø(10)60 Planck times (or 13.82 billion years) later, "when the fullness of the time was come, God sent forth His Son."

Thanks to the European Space Agency's recent results from their Planck probe, we can now know the breadth of GOD's hand and the length of His Golden Ruler that was used to mark off the Age of our Universe, measuring time

 from 'The Beginning' until His advent as Jesus!

Here's the Math:



            Planck time is the time it takes a photon traveling at the speed of light to cross

          a distance equal to the Planck length of approximately 1.6 x 10^-35 m.


Here's the Science:



Cosmological parameters from 2013 Planck results:


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